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Theresa May is Still under Pressure for a Brexit Clarity



Theresa May is still scolded by MPs and authorities in UK to give an obvious plan for Brexit. Francis Martin, the president of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), and Adam Marshall, the group’s director general, forced May to present a Brexit clarity.

BCC deputizes thousands of UK companies, which is considered as one of the most vocal business group’s on Brexit such as Confederation of British Industry. Mr. Marshall previously said that 75,000 members of the BCC were “dismayed” because of the “division and disorganization” within the UK politics.

They complained that business is in dark and a solution is needed as soon as possible. They demanded May to answer to “practical questions” asked by companies. “Businesses need those elected to govern our country to make choices – and to deliver a clear, unequivocal statement of intent,” they wrote in their letter.

“Even amongst the many optimistic, future-oriented firms – those who see opportunity in change – patience is wearing thin. Directly-affected companies are poised to activate contingency plans. Many others, worryingly, have simply disengaged,” they continued.

Both Francis Martin and Adam Marshall requested May to start negotiations which according to them is essential to both businesses and public confidence. They also expressed that any transition “must lead to a clear endpoint”. “There is no room for continued ambiguity as companies make investment and hiring decisions. The Government must set out its plans,” they continued.