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Theresa May Urges Johnson to Apologize for Burqa Remarks



Theresa May has asked Boris Johnson to apologize for comparing Muslim women who wear burqas and niqabs to bank robbers and letter boxes. She mentioned that Johnson’s comment had “clearly caused offence” since there are controversies around his words.

After her statements, Conservatives showed their anger over Johnson’s Islamophobic remarks. The chair of the Conservative Muslim Forum added that his words “pander to the far-right narrative that Muslims do not belong in this country”. However, Johnson has declined to withdraw and his friends claimed that criticizing his comments is ridiculous.

Theresa May said that they should be careful about the words and terms they use, and Johnson’s language has offended people. She added that he need to apologize.

What’s important is do we believe people should have the right to practice their religion and, in the case of women and the burqa and niqab, to choose how they dress. I believe women should be able to choose how they dress.

Johnson wrote in his column that Muslim women who wear headdresses look like letter boxes and he would ask them to remove it if they go to him with a face covering.

The angers against him raised after his former deputy, Alistair Burt, said that there was “a degree of offence” in Johnson’s comments and he wouldn’t have spoken in this way.