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Thousands of Children in UK Are Killed Because They Are Thought to be Witches



Thousands of children in UK are being abused because their parents or relatives believe they are witches or possessed by evil spirits. Following the recent deaths of young victims including Kristy Bamu and Ayesha Ali, experts warn the government to stop murdering the innocent children.

According to statistics, over 1,500 cases of witchcraft and possession has been recorded across the UK in a single year. However, it’s been believed that the figure is underestimate. “These beliefs are very real and on occasion people are going to take this to extremes where a child can be murdered,” said Inspector Allen Davis, who leads the Metropolitan Police’s response to the issue.

“There are a number of ways that an adult will try to rid the child of the evil they believe is within them,” he said. “They might try to burn it out, cut it out, strangle it out, drowning can be involved, or starving and beating,” he added.

Several innocent children have been murdered in the UK since they are believed to be witches, including an eight-year-old girl who was tortured and 15-year-old boy who drowned during an exorcism.

Dr Lisa Oakley, chair of the National Working Group for Child Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief, said: “We know these practices are occurring so we want to be acting now so we don’t have another high-profile case.” She also said that: “You’ve then got a child who is severely damaged or not here anymore, and that’s a high price to pay.” “We’re saying we don’t want to get to a point where there is another high profile case,” she continued.