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Thousands Killed and Wounded by Israel’s Brutality in Gaza Since 2007



Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, has said that there will be an increase in Tel Aviv regime’s airstrike on Gaza. He continued that their enemies should know that they are prepared for any plans and changes.

All these were said many hours after Tel Aviv had two dozen air raids on Gaza, which caused a lot of civilians’ injuries. Israel claimed that these attacks were in response to the rocket and mortar fire in the coastal enclave.

It was also mentioned that it would continue when US President Donald Trump’s special envoy Jason Greenblatt and adviser Jared Kushner come to visit the area.

While Netanyahu claimed the above statements, the Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas declared that this rocket fire was in response to Israel’s earlier air attacks against Gaza adding that it’s the resistance movement’s right to react against any aggressive action done by the enemy.

They remarked: “The equation will be: bombardment in return for bombardment.”

Israel started its air strikes on Palestinians in Gaza with an inhumane Israeli siege since 2007. There has been three wars since 2008.

Since March 30, there has been severe pressure along the Gaza, which has led to protests which is called “The Great March of Return”, to give back the people driven out of their homes.

More than 130 Palestinians were killed and thousands were wounded in these violent attacks.