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Three-Quarters of Brits would Pay an Extra £1 Week to Save the NHS



With the NHS brought to its knees by eight years of Tory austerity, millions of Brits are so worried they would dip into their own pockets to rescue it.

In a clear message to Theresa May that people are fed up with her crippling our cherished service, 63% said they will happily pay an extra 1% tax to secure its survival.

It would raise an extra £5.5billion and cost those on the average wage of £27,600 just £3.50 a week.

And 73% of those quizzed in a Mirror poll by ­Survation, would give up an £1 a week to keep the NHS free and out of the clutches of the private health firms circling like vultures.

That would bring in £2.75billion a year. More than half said they would part with £2 a week.

A third would pay £5, raising £13.75billion. It comes as thousands of campaigners are preparing for a save the NHS march in London tomorrow.

Shadow Health ­Secretary ­Jonathan Ashworth said: “This Mirror poll confirms again that the British public just don’t trust the Tories with the NHS.

“Eight years of ­underfunding has left services overstretched and patients at risk.

“Around the country ­brilliant NHS staff are going the extra mile to keep the service running but are being let down by this ­government.”

Dr Tony O’Sullivan, a retired ­paediatrician and co-chair of Keep Our NHS Public, added: “The essence of the NHS is that it is publicly funded in a ­democratic way through ­taxation so everyone benefits from it at their time of need, and pay for it when able to.

“The public’s ­willingness to support the NHS has never wavered, as this poll shows, and it is evident that the Government’s refusal to fund it ­properly while privatising it is an ideological decision.”

Lib Dem health spokesman Norman Lamb added: “Governments worry a tax rise will alienate voters, but this poll is evidence the public are willing to make a bigger contribution to sustain our treasured institution.”

The Royal College of ­Nursing’s Donna Kinnair added: “The NHS is buckling under the strain of chronic underfunding.

“There is just not enough money in the system and it’s clear ministers are ­significantly out of touch. “The public would rather give the NHS £1 extra each week then let the current situation go on for much longer.”

People are so angry at the Tory’s attempt at destroying the service, many will join ­Saturday’s People’s Assembly and Health Campaigns ­Together to Fix The NHS march on Downing St to demonstrate.