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Tillerson Ousted, “Suicide Pact” Dissolved; When Will Mattis and Mnuchin Resign?



US president Donald Trump’s ousting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from office on Tuesday flipped out one side of the infamous “suicide pact” from the White House.

A report by BuzzFeed indicated that the former Secretary of State along with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had forged an inside agreement called “suicide pact” according to which all members of the pact should leave Trump office if the president happened to fire one of them. BuzzFeed report which was published in October 2017 has neither been confirmed nor rejected by the tree secretaries.

The revelation of the pact occurred after recurrent disputes between the president and Secretary of state had not led to Tillerson’s leaving the office. The US officials who divulged the pact asserted that Tillerson’s dissatisfaction after the president’s controversial speech to the Boy Scouts in July would lead to his resignation if it was not for the “suicide pact.”

Tillerson even mocked the president openly calling him a “moron” as a report by NBC confirmed. The long-time speculations over Tillerson’s resignation and his refusal to take position for or against them might be another fact to confirm the claims about the pact.

Firing Tillerson, now, has made journalists curious about the accuracy of the Suicide pact. Mnuchin and Mattis are under lens as to see whether the controversies around Trump will mount even further in the coming days or not.

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