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Tony Blair’s Institute Receives Millions as Donations from Saudi Arabia



Former British Prime Minister’s Organization revealed in accounts released last Wednesday that it has received donations from Saudi Arabia. TBI (Tony Blair Institution) has been established by Blair after termination of his work at office.

The Institute announced that the payments were received from the Saudi-owned Media Investment Limited (MIL). MIL is a subsidiary of Saudi Research & Marketing Group (SRMG), having been chaired by current Saudi Culture Minister Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al Farhan, now Saudi Arabia’s culture minister.

The Sunday Telegraph reported two months ago that TBI received £9m as donation from MIL. The new account by TBI, however, states no figure about the amount of donations.

Owen Jones, Guardian’s columnist, blasted former Labour’s leader and British Prime Minister for accepting donations from a monarchy he described as “murdering dictatorship.”

Following termination of job as Prime Minister in 2007, Tony Blair worked as Middle East envoy for the UN for eight years for which he was harshly criticized. The close ties with Saudi Arabia seems to have been formed at office and more tightened in the later 8-year period.

Former Labour leader’s strategies are, however, at adds with current Labour policies about Saudi Arabia. Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to stop arming Saudi Arabia for clear evidences of war crimes against Yemen in three-year war.