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Trump Ignores US Intelligence and Claims North Korea Talks ‘going well’



After the summit between Trump and North Korean Kim Jong-un in Singapore, Trump said that the talks are “going well” as they find an agreement on Korea’s denuclearization. While he praised his negotiation, American intelligence assessments claimed that North Korea has expanded its weapon capabilities.

Trump didn’t comment on these statements and insisted that North Korea has conducted “no Rocket Launches or Nuclear Testing in 8 months”.

Pompeo is going to continue the talks with North Korea, and a US delegation and their North Korean counterparts will met at the border between the North and South Korea. It has been said that they will talk about the next steps of the declaration agreed between the two countries on June 12.

Trump has talked about rapid warming relation between the US and North Korea proudly, and noted that none of the previous US presidents had met the North Korean leadership before. Nevertheless, last week he declared North Korea as an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to the US, and he extended the economic sanctions against Pyongyang for another year.