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Trump’s UK Visit Puts Brexit Deal in the Air and Takes People to the Streets



Trump will have a visit on Thursday lunchtime with Theresa May while there are many people who planned demonstrations against his visit, in which over 55000 are expected to hit the London streets.

As the protests against Trump’s visit to London began, the prime minister and her foreign secretary were waiting nervously for any potential mishaps and insults. In this regard, the UK government has organized a schedule to keep Trump out of London. This schedule has been designed to keep him away from Westminster to see the “Trump baby blimp” that is planned to fly over the house of parliament.

Trump’s visit in 2017 had been postponed due to people and some officials. People believed that his visit would be an “embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.” John Bercow, Commons Speaker, didn’t accept Trump’s visit due to his “sexist” and “racist” policies. Jeremy Corbyn, the UK’s Labour Party Leader, was disagree with Trump’s visit to the UK due to the US president’s immigration policy that has separated children from their parents.

This visit can bring instability to Theresa May among the political pressure in her own party. She can have one choice, stay with the European standards or choose a different direction. According the European law, members cannot sign trade deals unilaterally while the UK and US had planned to have a deal after UK’s exit from EU.