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Tunisian Imams Boycott Hajj Pilgrimage as the Money Funds Saudi Arabia’s Wars in Yemen



The Union of Tunisian Imams have urged Muslims to boycott the annual Hajj pilgrimage this year due to the high costs of the trip and the violence committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. The increasing cost of the Hajj pilgrimage would supply the Saudi government’s richness to fund wars in other Muslim nations.

The General-Secretary of the Union of Tunisian Imams has said that it would be to use the money to improve the Tunisian people’s situation instead of killing people in Yemen. The Saudi Arabia has killed more than 14000 civilians in Yemen, where millions have been suffering of starvation and thousands have been dead from cholera. The Saudi Arabia has used the Hajj profits in the war of Yemen and Syria instead of using it for poorer nations.

According to Al Arabiya, the average cost of a worshiper in 2014 was about USD 5000. Al Jazeera has reported that the half year salary of a Malaysian person would complete the Hajj. For a Bangladeshi person, the Hajj costs more than three years’ earnings.

A Twitter user encouraged Muslims’ of other countries to follow Tunisian Imams’ footsteps.

 increase of Hajj costs, paying Hajj revenues to the US, using revenues to kill Muslims as in Yemen, [and] Al Saud [House of Saud] role in helping the Israeli occupation as reasons to take a strict position and boycott Hajj for this year.

In this regard, Abderrahmani, a journalist has urged Muslims to use money for building hospitals, schools and universities instead of spending money in the aggression against Islamic countries.