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UK and US Expand OPCW’s Power to Legitimize Their Future Attacks Against Syria



An investigative journalist, Rick Sterling, said that London tries to empower the UN chemical watchdog to help Westerns in finding loopholes and justifications for new attacks against Damascus.

The UK in alliance with the US is hoping to have the OPCW able to assign blame and provide a rationale for future attacks by the US and the UK.

The US has used chemical incidents in Syria as a pretext of “retaliatory” strikes against Damascus without any investigation. The UK and France joined US by bombarding government bases and infrastructures in response to an attack in Douma on April 7.

Moscow has criticized the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) for mishandling its investigations and vague wording in the reports. Sterling stated:

 One of the problems is that OPCW has not been willing to go to the sites in some cases and they don’t pursue evidence which contradicts the Western claims.

Although the OPCW experts have faced failures to investigate about chemical attack claims in Syria, a special conference is set in Hague to vote on the expansion of its mandate. OPCW has blamed the Syrian government in different instances in the past by relying on witnesses from the opposition.

Sterling mentioned that, in the last years there have been efforts to overthrow and topple the Damascus government by accusing them for using chemical weapon, and the OPCW has supported it.