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UK Cuts Support for Anti-government FSP Terrorist Militants Realizing “They Have no Real Future in Syria”



Free Syrian Police Force (FSP), The anti-government group in Syria, is to miss the lascivious supports by the British government in the coming month.

The UK finally announce termination of support for the terrorist group after its multiple failure and defeats in battlefield in Syria.

Numerous reports by humanitarian organizations verified that the group works under an Al-Qaeda proxy’s control. The step taken by the UK indicates that the country realized that “these groups have no real future” in Syria.

The financial funding to the FSP will end in September while the government, as reported by the guardianو “admitted the Access to Justice and Community Service (AJACS) program has become too difficult to deliver.”

As Jonathan Steele, a former foreign correspondent for the Guardian, explains in an interview, the group lost most of its venue in recurrent defeats while getting still supplied by British government. “They got equipment and salaries from the British government,” Steele added.

The reports indicated that while operation assistance is to end in the coming month, some political supports may still continue. “Training and tactical support”, some happening in Turkey, was offered to the terrorist group by UK.

The statistics show that in 2017-18, more than £52 million has been delivered to Idlib by UK where FSP, along with some other anti-government militants, are located. The area is also a stronghold of the Al-Qaeda proxy group Al-Nusra Front, newly called Tahrir al-Sham.

Jihadis You Pay for’, a BBC Panorama program, claimed that Al-Nusra officials approve the FSP officers in Idlib. The defunding occurs a while after the US announced its decision to cut support for terrorist groups in Syria after their incessant defeats. As Steele said:

Britain are doing the same, I think in part it’s genuinely to save money, but at the back of their minds it’s the realisation that these groups have no real future, they’ve lost the war, it’s just a matter of time before they’re completely defeated. So it’s pouring money down a drain.

UK, along with its Western allies, supported various terrorist groups in Syria in order to have Assad regime topple. Failure in implementing their program was a huge political and financial failure for the country.