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UK Is to Face a Worrying Gas Shortage Due to High Demand for Heating



UK is to face gas shortage in the middle of this horribly cold wintry weather. UK is experiencing bitter cold weather, blizzard, and strong winds that it didn’t experience before. Calling the disastrous weather “Beast from the East”, red warnings were rang.

The schools are closed and the hospitals cancelled their operations. Car accidents caused so many deaths. Food warnings have been issued and now, gas shortage is warned by the British national power operator due to high demand for heating and electricity.

The National Grid has also applied a gas grid in the country, when a sharp increase in UK gas prices were noticed. However, the need for heating is at its highest point and the warnings for running out of gas is making the people and authorities worried.

“Demand remains high, and weather conditions are still extreme in some parts of the UK, so we continue to monitor the market very closely. Protecting customer supplies is always our first priority. Domestic gas will not be affected,” said the company.

Although it’s been trying to keep the house intact by limiting the industrial uses, it’s been said that it won’t be enough, and both households and businesses will face problems. The problems with North Sea pipelines caused UK gas supplies vulnerable. To make it worse the British multinational utility Centrica expressed a daylong outage at one of its gas storage facilities.

“It certainly shows the vulnerability of extreme events,” Nick Campbell, the energy risk manager at Inspired Energy, said. “Our only other form, LNG, is not flexible in the short term. It takes time to arrive from its destination, therefore the one thing you can guarantee is volatility.”