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UK Increases Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia and other Repressive Regimes



United Kingdom’s arms sales around the world, especially to world’s most repressive regimes became one of the world’s worrying issues. While most of the countries and organizations are dealing with the wars and massacres and try to put an end to them, UK is thinking about the profit it gains by its arms sales.

According to the obtained information from statistics, the number of arms sales to ‘not-free’ countries has been increased since the Brexit vote. The “uncritical support” of UK has been criticized by so many pacifist countries.

Before his abdication, Michael Fallon the Defence Secretary promised that Britain would “spread its wings across the world” through its weapons sales. According to Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), Britain has increased its arms export to repressive regimes since the EU referendum in June 2016.

“As the UK negotiates Brexit it is at a crossroads. Will the government use its role to promote human rights and democracy, or will it continue to prioritize arms exports to dictatorships and human rights abusers?” asked Andrew Smith, the spokesman for CAAT.

He believes that these exports and arms sales implicitly demonstrate that UK doesn’t care about human rights and that the lives of innocent people in region are of less value than arms profits.

“Right now, UK arms are playing a central role in the destruction of Yemen. We have no way of knowing how these arms will be used in the future or who they will be used against,” Smith added.

Equatorial Guinea, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan are the countries with the most corrupt and repressive regimes in the world. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries which has large trading with UK, although it’s known that it uses the arms to kill civilians in its air-bombing campaign against the Houthis in Yemen.

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