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UK MPs Accuse Theresa May of Breaking Vows on NHS



The British Prime Minister Theresa May has been blamed for not being able to keep her promises on the NHS and social care crisis. The Conservative MPs attacked May by calling her responses as “disappointment” and lacking “ambition”. The MPs also warned her about the next election.

In November, 90 MPs of all parties called on the Prime Minister to agree to cross-party working. However, Theresa May wrote a three-paragraph letter in response which was published on Sunday night. According to the letter, May’s government “recognizes the challenges facing the NHS and care sector.”

“We are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the NHS and adult social care,” she wrote in her letter. “We are committed to engaging with all parties on key issues and I have asked the Secretary of State for Health to write to you to outline our plans moving forward,” she added.

However, as Dr Sarah Wollaston suggested, “the response lacks ambition.” She also declared that “we need a clear understanding from PM that NHS, public health & social care are inextricably linked and urgency of the need to review current & long term funding as a single system.”

Wollaston warned that without a cross-party deal, the whole plan would be blocked. “Any measures that are proposed by a single political party will inevitably be trashed as ‘death tax’ ‘dementia tax’ …or whatever. What is needed is a grown up debate & action or we will get nowhere,” she continued.

Nick Boles, the former housing minister, Heidi Allen a prominent backbencher, conservative MP Johnny Mercer, and so many other MPs also attacks Theresa May and her letter. They all agree on the point         that “our Prime Minister needs to prove she can deal with the biggest challenge of our time and now,” Heidi Allen tweeted.

She has been forced to apologize to the thousands of patients whose operations have been cancelled this month. The disorganization in her government caused protests and warnings among the MPs. She has been ridiculed because of her NHS plans and promises.