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UK MPs Accused Theresa May of “Mushy Thinking” over “Global Britain”



UK MPs warned the Britons that Theresa May’s post-Brexit “global Britain” pledge, which she expressed in her recent speech, is just a “slogan”. It brought a “confusion” which will “damage the UK’s reputation“. She has been accused of damaging the UK’s reputation, MPs warned.

What the Prime Minister meant by her phrase has been still unexplainable by MPs. Her solutions for maintaining the UK’s international prowess outside the EU is said to be confusing. Therefore, the MPs asked the Prime Minister to give a speech in the House of Commons to “set out what the policy means”.

The Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee warned: “For global Britain to be more than a worthy aspiration, the slogan must be backed by substance.” “If it comes to be perceived as a superficial branding exercise, it risks undermining UK interests by damaging our reputation overseas and eroding support for a global outlook here at home.”

According to the MPs, the phrase amounts to “little more than a continuation” of the Foreign Office’s current activities. The first time, when Theresa May used the “global Britain” was in her Tory party conference in October 2016, when she expressed that the UK would “forge an ambitious and optimistic” role in the world after Brexit.

Sir Simon Fraser, a former head of the diplomatic service, accused the Prime Minister of “mushy thinking”. He has also called her global Britain ambition just a “slogan”. As he suggests, other countries believe Britain has “lost the plot” by following its Brexit plans, because it reduces the country’s “international influence”.