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UK MPs Interpreted Cabinet Reshuffle A “Cabinet of Chaos”



There has been so many news, tweets, and posts after Theresa May’s first cabinet reshuffle in New Year. It was held on January 9, 2018, at 10 Downing Street, London. The meeting has been called chaotic, disaster, and Titanic-like.

Surprising behaviors has been traced. One of the MPs quit, another one refused to give up a portfolio. Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, created a mess by refusing to become Business Secretary. May decided to dismiss Hunt from health brief because of the criticism he had received over the NHS’ winter crisis.`m/ReelWeddingsUK/status/950658879490314241

MP Damian Hinds became Education Secretary since MP Justine Greening decided to quit the government. Greening’s decision made the Downing Street “disappointed” as May said after a two-hour showdown with him.

There has been some other chaotic cases, too. Three ministers had resigned, another three MPs were moved to other departments, four other ministers received a promotion, and James Brokenshire, Northern Ireland Secretary quit because of some medical excuses.

Although people expected the meeting to have some changes for the country, 17 MPs kept their previous positions, such as Tory titans Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd, Boris Johnson, and David Davis.

It was the “worst reshuffle I have ever witnessed in any party ever,” said one of the MPs. “None of it makes sense. It’s sabotage. I think someone’s trying to destroy her on the inside. I can’t think of a less dramatic reason,” he continued.