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UK Police Must Stay “Impartial” – Cressida Dick



Cressida Dick, the Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police said that the investigators must stay “impartial” and she also added that, “clumsy behavior between somebody who fancies somebody else is not a matter for the police.”

In her interview with the Times on Monday, the head of Britain’s largest police force said that: “Our job in respect of investigations is to be fair, to be impartial, and where appropriate to bring things to justice — and of course to support victims, but it isn’t all about victims.”

Cressida Dick, who became the first woman and LGBTQ person to head Scotland Yard when she was appointed a year ago, said she would “go on raising confidence” of victims unsure if they will be taken seriously by the police, but that officers should primarily remain truth-seekers, not counselors.

“I arrived saying very clearly to my people that we should have an open mind, of course, when a person walks in. We should treat them with dignity and respect and we should listen to them. We should record what they say. From that moment on we are investigators,” Dick believes.

In one case, a man known only as ‘Nick’ accused former Prime Minister Ted Heath and other high-profile politicians, many of them dead, of running a secret ring of pedophiles that raped and killed small boys out of a house in central London in the 1970s and 80s. Following a £3 million investigation, known as Operation Midland, not only were these allegations not proven, but it was subsequently discovered that Nick himself, who has been allowed to keep his anonymity, was implicated in making and distributing underage pornographic images.

She also said that: “Speaking as a cop, opposed to a citizen, I’m interested in crime. If it’s a long time ago, or it’s very trivial, or I’m not likely to get a criminal justice outcome, I’m not going to spend a lot of resources on it.”