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UK Pulls out of EU’s Foreign Policy Body in 2019 – PM Theresa May



Theresa May has announced that UK will split from EU’s foreign policy body next year. According to No 10, UK will reclaim a “truly independent and sovereign foreign policy” in 2019. Theresa May made the Brexiteers glad in her speech at an international conference in Munich.

Britain will pull out of the EU’s joint foreign policy-making body next year. She also proposed a new UK-EU treaty to maintain full security co-operation after Brexit to keep citizens safe. However, she announced that UK will welcome joint working over international sanctions, foreign aid and future defense threats such as cyberwarfare.

“The Prime Minister has said that, where we don’t have to wait, we will not wait,” a Downing Street source in Munich told the journalists. “Swiftly after departure in 2019, we will come out of the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy. We will have a truly independent and sovereign foreign policy,” he added.

According to the critics, he meant a major diplomatic row, in 2007, when membership of the CFSP forced the UK to take part in a joint approach with which it strongly disagreed. However, it is said that May didn’t make it clear that what difference pulling out of the joint policy-making arrangements will make.

“We will continue to maintain very, very close cooperation because we have shared values and shared interests in terms of protecting our citizens,” the source added. During her speech, Ms. May softened her “red line” that Brexit must end oversight by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

When participating in EU agencies, the UK will respect the remit of the European Court of Justice,” she said in her speech. “However, the source insisted later that this simply meant Britain would pay “due regard” to the ECJ’s rulings, while maintaining the right for its courts to disagree,” she continued.