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The UK Royal Air Force Spent £1.75 Billion on Airstrikes in Iraq & Syria



As the statistics show, United Kingdom has spent £1.75bn ($2.44bn) on horrible airstrikes in Iraq and Syria as it was helping the US-led ISIS groups. According to the Drone Wars UK group, the Royal Air Force of United Kingdom was supporting the militant groups in in Iraq and Syria since 2014.

According to the figures given by Drone Wars, the Tornado, Typhoon and Reaper aircraft of the Royal Air Force were in the air for 42,000 hours, which equals five years. The Drone Wars UK group announced that to have the Typhoon, and Tornado, and Reaper in the air (without considering the additional costs such as crew, maintenance and capital costs) will costs £80,000, £35,000, and £3,500 per-hour respectively.

The UK has been always supporting terrorist groups such as ISIS in the Middle East. However, they have always reject the allegations. UK supports the militant groups militarily and financially to keep Iraq and Syria in turmoil. US also always sent its Special Operations Command to instruct them.

The Operation Shader, which is the collective name of UK involvement in Iraq and Syria, cost £268 million. Around 1,700 airstrikes have been carried out in Syria and Iraq, according to Drone Wars UK. And more than 3,545 bombs and missiles were dropped over the last three and a half years.

However, these were just about the air strikes and “the overall cost of UK military operations in Iraq and Syria will be much higher,” Drone Wars UK declared.