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United Kingdom Doubles the Number of Refugees by 2020



United Kingdom is going to double the number of refugees coming to it by 2020. 10,538 people have been resided in UK till now, which will be doubled as the government suggested. According to the home secretary, around 20,000 refugees came from Syria.

Amber Rudd, the home secretary, traveled to Lebanon and gave a speech at a refugee camp in the Middle Eastern country, where the Syrian refugees resided in. There she has talked with 46 families who were living in tents in Qab Elias, a Lebanese town about 15 miles from the Syrian border.

Amber Rudd claimed that: “20,000 is definitely achievable by 2020, and I hope that we may get there earlier than that in fact. At the moment I am consulting with stakeholders and really engaging with other departments to decide what we should have to replace that when we go forward after 2020.”

She also said that UK is “proud” of what it dealt with the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (VRPS). “It is the largest number of any European country of resettlement from the region. People have been very kind about saying how effective it is and how good the care is when people get to the local authority,” Rudd continued.

In 2016, UK MPs signed the Dubs Agreement pledge that UK will take 3,000 migrant children. The publication of the news has astonished so many Britons who demanded strict rules of immigration for their country.