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United Nations Finds Myanmar Govt Responsible for Genocide in Rohingya



A damning report by the United Nation found the Myanmar government responsible for genocide in Rohingya one year after the outbreak of tensions. The report introduced the army as the implementer  crime against humanity.

The report also noted that Tatmadaw, the country’s armed forces, “undoubtedly amounted to the gravest crimes under international law.” Rakhinem Kachin and Shan were mentioned as the states assaulted by the army.

While the UN investigators were not allowed inside Myanmar, 875 witnesses who managed to flee the country were interviewed. The military, the report said, were “killing indiscriminately, gang-raping women, assaulting children and burning entire villages.”

Imprisonments, Murder, torture, enforced disappearances, rapes and used sexual slavery and multiple other forms of sexual abuse were noted all as crimes against humanity carried out by Tatmadaw. Traces of mass extermination was also found in northern Rakhine.

Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said that the report proves the emergent need for steps to be taken to control the condition. “The fact-finding mission’s powerful report and clear recommendations demonstrate the obvious need for concrete steps to advance criminal justice for atrocious crimes, instead of more hollow condemnations and expressions of concern,” he further noted.

This report should eliminate any doubt about the urgency of investigating those responsible for mass atrocities.

Jeremy Hunt, the UK foreign Ministry, posted in a tweet after the publication of report that he means to visit the country as a step “to seek answers at the earliest opportunity.”

This is while most western powers chose to remain silent and neglectful during the previous one year. The double standard towards human rights adopted by western countries clearly shows their proneness to racism and religious fascism.