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US Decision on Jerusalem and the Worldwide Blasts Against it



In the last days of 2017, Donald Trump, the president of United States, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and declared that he would move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the city. “I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” declared Trump.

This is while Jerusalem has been considered as the capital of Palestine for centuries. In the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Palestinian Declaration of Independence of 1988, Jerusalem is called the capital of the State of Palestine. Moreover, majority of United Nations (UN) member states and most international organizations also recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

However, gaining both financial and military power from imperious countries such as US, and UK, Israel continues to usurp more lands of Palestinians, who have lived in the region over the centuries.

Later, following Trump’s announcement locating Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Jimmy Morales, President of Guatemala, has also expressed his plans to move its embassy from Tel Aviv.

In the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Guatemala was one of the only nine states which voted to support the US decision. The UNGA condemned Trump’s decision with a strong majority in a meeting days after it was announced

Trump’s brutal decision of relocating the Israel’s capital has been reacted by widespread condemnation across the world. It instigated numerous global warnings and massive anti-Israeli and anti-American rallies in all continents. Over 10 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds of others injured by Israeli’s security forces bullets, tear gas and water cannons in occupied lands of Palestine.