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US, North Korea Meeting; Mirage of a Peace on the Horizon



The historic meeting between the leaders of US and North Korea is claimed to have reached a historic result. Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump signed an agreement whose details have not been clearly published.

The deal, as the leaders claimed, would lead to “major change” in the future relationships between the two countries. Trump announced that another conference will be held on the contents of the deal later today.

Getting his usual gesture after signing a deal, Trump said “We’ve developed a very special bond.” During the “intensive time”, as Trump called it, the two sides are supposed to have talked about denuclearization of North Korea, its Economic problems, and US aggression.

A four-point document has been signed by Jong-un and Trump. Trump vowed to start the process “very, very quickly” without specifying what exactly is going to happen.

The North leader expressed his gratitude for the meeting saying it had good results for the future:

Today we had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind, and we are about to sign a historic document. The world will a see a major change.

The full text of the joint agreement was released by South Korean Yonhap news agency. The document includes four points: the establishment of “new” US-North Korea relations, peace on the Korean peninsula, its “complete denuclearization,” and a commitment regarding the recovery of prisoners of war remains by both sides.

Trump later announced that all North Korea sanctions will remain in effect in the future. As expected, the result of the meeting, on any condition, would be approved by the US president. Signing a deal, quitting the meeting, reaching peace, or starting war; for the US president each of these results are considered a win!