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Vince Cable Criticizes Corbyn for “Letting Down the People He Claims to Defend”



The Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable says that he will attack Jeremy Corbyn in the next party conference. He believes that “Jeremy Corbyn is letting down the very people he claims to defend.” He also said that Jeremy Corbyn is claiming to “speak up for the poor” but in the action it doesn’t seem so.

Sir Vince Cable is preparing himself for his party’s spring conference which will be held in Southport. What he wants to emphasize is the fact that Britain can still have an “exit from Brexit”. He criticizes the Labour, for being “still strongly committed” to Brexit and ignoring people.

The furious Liberal Democrat said that, “Jeremy Corbyn is letting down the very people he claims to defend”. “You cannot speak up for the poor and be complicit in making the country poorer. You cannot stand up for human rights, and promote their abandonment,” he added.

“You cannot be an advocate of strong rights at work, and stand by while your country walks away from the organization which has most stood up for workers,” claimed Sir Vince. He also urges Mr. Corbyn to be faithful to his supporters. His army of young supporters should see him “join our campaign” opposing Brexit.

Sir Vince Cable believes that the Labour says it “can be for Brexit it and against it”, but “the time has come to decide”, adding: “Together we can win an exit from Brexit.” He has also accused the PM of planning to “tie the UK permanently to EU rules, which are used to drive privatization and block support for British industry”.