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You Want to Rent a House? “Sex-for-Rent” Flats are Abundant in UK



Among all these sex scandals reported every day in UK, a major London landlord rents his houses for sex. According to the statistics, in past five years more than 250,000 women have been offered free or low rent in exchange for sex.

This generous offer is just given to women. However, the build-to-rent developer UNCLE advice women to look for flats with female agents. Their goal is to decrease inappropriately approached” by landlords who seek sex. Ryan Prince, the founder and chief executive of UNCLE, claimed that he was shocked at “people in a position of power and influence”.

“I couldn’t believe how many women had been inappropriately approached in some shape or form,” he added. “We have resident women managers, so if a woman is uncomfortable with doing a show-around with a man, they can ask for a woman,” Prince added. “If they have had a bad experience in the past, they will never have one with us,” he continued.

Kassy Essiet, resident manager at UNCLE Elephant & Castle, said: “The kind of behavior highlighted by Shelter’s report is outrageous and is the opposite of how we do things at UNCLE. Renters in the UK are treated like second-class citizens and this report suggests women receive the worst of it.”

According to the BBC journalist Ellie Flynn there are offers on adverts website included “a room for a discreet bi/gay man” who “must be ok with receiving anal,” while another advertised a “free room in return for cooking, cleaning and oral once or twice a week.”