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‘Wash your Mouth out’: Italy’s Salvini Hits out at top EU Official over ‘Little Mussolinis’ remark



Italian Deputy PM Matteo Salvini fired back at top EU economic official Pierre Moscovici, telling him to “wash his mouth out” following Moscovici’s remark on the spread of “little Mussolinis” in Europe.

Moscovici, the European commissioner for economic and financial affairs, voiced his fear over the rise of right-wing forces in some countries, comparing the situation to the WWII era.

“Fortunately there is no sound of jackboots, there is no Hitler, (but maybe there are) small Mussolinis. That remains to be seen,” he told reporters in Paris on Thursday.

The remark did not go down well in Rome, with deputy PM and head of the anti-immigration, Eurosceptic Northern League Party Matteo Salvini firing back at the EU official.

“He should wash his mouth out before insulting Italy, the Italians and their legitimate government,” Salvini said in a statement. He also advised France, Moscovici’s home country, to take a look at its own deeds, like bombing Libya, instead of castigating Italy’s policy on immigration.