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Yemen Famous Actor Released after Reports of Rape and Torture by UAE Guards



The report was simple, documented and shocking; Yemeni prisoners detained in southern Yemen were raped by UAE guards.

Family and friends welcomed the Yemeni famous actor who has been in jail for more than one year in one of UAE-controlled prisons in southern Yemen.


Nasser al-Anbari, the famous actor who is famous for his comic performances in TV shows, has been jailed by UAE guards without any trials. Known also for online videos, al-Anbari also asserted that he had been jailed without any legal charges.

The Yemeni people celebrated his freedom with cars and motorist making a happy carnival in the southern city of Aden. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was filming him while in disbelief,” his son said.

Nasser al-Anbari is released only days after Associated Press revealed that Yemeni prisoners kept by UAE guard, whose number exceeds hundreds of people, have been under harsh torture and sexual abuse.

UAE officials rejected any control over Yemeni prisons after the report. Yemeni Interior Minister Ahmed al-Maysari, however, announced on previous occasions that Yemeni officials has had no control over these prisons.

The report revealed that guards in Beir Ahmed prison, where al-Anbari and hundreds of other Yemenis have been kept, undress the inmates with force and torture them in their anal cavities claiming to be searching for contraband cellphones.

Nasser al-Anbari, along with three other detainees, were released without any prior notifications to the families. “He was freed all of a sudden without notifying the family in advance,” a brother of one of detainees told AP.

AP reports released documents of torture and sexual assaults by UAE guards in Yemen prisons. It is expected that more prisoners be released for the Emirate kingdom to subside the tensions and criticisms.